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Friends of Maasai Mara engages hundreds of volunteers throughout the year to improve conservation and community livelihood in the Maasai Mara Ecosystem—from cleaning the reserve, to recycling, tree planting, and reforestation, to organizing global marches for wildlife and especially endangered species.

The Friends of Maasai Mara Volunteer Program offers volunteers the opportunity to promote community stewardship in the greater Mara and a chance to become directly involved in the protection and maintenance of the world's best reserve, and to preserve the famous Maasai culture.


Through our Volunteer Program, small businesses, corporations, universities, and community organizations work with Friends of Maasai Mara to preserve habitats, open wildlife corridors, and advance conservation and  improve the lives of the community within the Mara Ecosystem. Join us today and become a volunteer.

3 Ways to Get Involved

​1. Global March for Elephants, Lions, and Rhinos   Nearly 2,000 community members and 500 Friends of Maasai Mara volunteers will participate in the international Global March for Elephants, Lions, and Rhinos. This is an event that brings together community stakeholders, government, and institutions of higher learning to celebrate and deliberate the best ways of conserving wildlife in the Mara Ecosystem.                                                                                                                                                                                                          

2. Community Service Days During the year, Friends of Maasai Mara organizes and hosts approximately 10 community service days with corporations, universities, and small businesses. Volunteers come together to clean the reserve and to conduct conservation education. If your company or group is looking to give back to your environment, consider this great opportunity.

3. Volunteer on your stay at the camps. Every guest has the opportunity and is encouraged to do service at the Mara Napa Center or in the local community. Guests can plant a tree, paint a school, teach a skill, volunteer in our clinic, and make a difference.

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