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WE ARE BUILDING a center of excellence where young Maasai, as well as visitors, can learn about Maasai wildlife and cultural heritage, join forces to mitigate human-wildlife conflict, and support and advocate for women-owned businesses.


THE MARA NAPA CENTER'S purpose is to address critical environmental and wildlife biodiversity conservation and protection issues, and create awareness and sustainable conservation efforts among the community, government, and other stakeholders. This center will also facilitate the fusion of indigenous knowledge with modern science and technology, provide mentoring programs for the creation of sustainable businesses, job training in such areas as auto mechanics, construction, waste management, hospitality, event planning, as well as bee keeping.

THE MARA NAPA CENTER is the first of its kind in the Maasai Mara, the seat of The Great Migration. With a cultural museum, visitor and guide center, theatre, computer lab, radio station, and community cafe planned, it will provide a gathering place for villagers, tourists, and researchers to exchange ideas, gather knowledge, or simply pause to enjoy the wildlife that frequents the site. The center and its camps, are owned, operated and employing only local Maasai.

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Friends of Maasai Mara collaborates with the Mara Public Schools to help school children learn more about the benefits of wildlife and their habitats, conservation and our ecosystem, and the direct impact they have in our daily life. High school students acquire service-learning skills by volunteering to work on wildlife and environmental projects at The Mara Napa Center. We believe education is the key to creating future conservationists and stewards of our planet.

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