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MARA NAPA CAMPS is the premier collection of camps in the Maasai Mara.  Slated to open January 2022, the 15 acre compound includes 6 luxury tents, ultrapurified water, a women's gathering place, an organic garden, a state-of-the-art waste water treatment plant, and solar power. The design was created by local Maasai, Harrison Pemba Taga and Michelle Nirenstein of Austin, Texas. This permanent tented camp includes makuti thatched roofs for natural temperature control.


The property purposely has no fences, and buildings have been designed so as not to interfere with the established pathways of local wildlife. The 15 acres is bordered by three rivers that offer watering and bathing spots for many large animals and crocodiles. Elephants, warthogs, mongooses, zebras, hippos, and baboons are commonly seen enjoying the rivers and grasslands of the Mara Napa Camps. Also on the horizon are a Maasai cultural museum, computer center, coffee house, radio station, mobile medical/vet clinic, community theatre, bookstore, drone surveillance to deter poachers and track wildlife, and an education and gathering place. 

All luxury tents include private decks, outdoor shower and sunning areas, bamboo sheets, in-room french press coffee, tea kettle, running purified water for showers and sinks. In-room or deck dining is always an option. 24-hour security by local Maasai make guests feel secure despite the proximity to wild animals. Sunrise and sunset safaris are included at no extra charge. Internet is accessible throughout the property. Three gourmet meals, and snacks on demand are served daily, offering specialized menus to meet your every need, including vegan and keto.


Visit wild Mara. Your life will never be the same!