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At Friends of Maasai Mara, our mission is to preserve a culture of respect for our wildlife heritage and to live sustainably with nature, through community engagement, action, and education. Our values are respect, integrity, teamwork, partnership, and innovation. We are a grassroots organization.

Since its inception in 2014, Friends of Maasai Mara has addressed critical environmental and wildlife biodiversity conservation and protection actions meant to create awareness and sustainable conservation among the community, government, and other stakeholders.



  • Reduce human/wildlife conflicts that lead to human, livestock, and wildlife loss

  • Fuse indigenous wisdom and modern conservation methods to solve the increasing challenges facing wildlife

  • Become a hub and a source of environmental and cultural information in Maasai Mara

  • Promote, foster, and maintain interest in the protection of wildlife and whenever possible preserve it intact in its natural environment

  • Provide educational resources for the community as well as visitors to the Mara to foster understanding and encourage the exchange of ideas.

Wildlife Days for Future Conservationists

Each summer, we bring students from the Talek area out to the Maasai Mara National Reserve to witness elephants, lions, wildebeests, and other native wildlife firsthand in their natural habitat. This is a very special time to be out on the Mara, with the Great Migration taking place. The students love the experience and develop an intimate connection and attachment to their environment. Such attachment fosters reverence and a sense of responsibility to protect and preserve.

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