The Team

Nothing great is accomplished alone.

Prince Harris Taga, Founder of Friends of Maasai Mara and the Mara Napa Center

Michelle Nirenstein, 

Benefactor, Director, Mara Napa Center

 Sammy Ole Kaelo, Chief of Operations 


Dancun Rauta Nkoome "FBI" Head of Security (Rt) Nick Taga, Superviser/ Driver

Philip Kimutai Arap Maina "Kim", Head Carpenter

 Joel Patita Nyayia, Superviser

(Center) Tiapkel Ole Depe "Yayo", Head Chef

Emmanuel P Sinti, Staff Cook

AND special acknowledgement and thanks to all the day laborers from the community who helped us, without whom this project

would not have been possible.

© 2016-2021 Friends of Maasai Mara

a registered nonprofit organization

Nairobi & Talek, Kenya


Tel: +254 721 527 964

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