KIMELOK WOMEN is the first ever all-women run water distribution enterprise in Kenya, providing purified, disease-free water to the villages and local business, while generating vital financial resources for community social services. ENKARE SIDAI means "purified water" and is the brand name of the bottled water the women are selling. The SunSpring bottling plant is located at the Mara Napa Center.



INSTEAD of gathering water from contaminated rivers and ponds, villagers are now able to access clean, disease-free drinking water that meets the standards of the United States EPA. Women and children can avoid fatal accidents and conflicts with wildlife that are often a consequence of their search for water. The SunSpring ultrafiltration system provides 20,000 liters of filtered water each and every day and has no consumable parts.


WOMEN ARE TRAINED to operate the SunSpring water enterprise which consists of running the purification plant that purifies the bore hole water; bottle sanitation; filling and distributing refillable bottles of safe drinking water to the village, schools, and local businesses, and monetizing the distribution.

KIMELOK WOMEN will generate an income stream for the women in the village, free-up time usually needed for procuring water at great distances, reduce disease (especially among growing children), reduce or eliminate human-wildlife conflict and fatal accidents, and help sustain The Mara Napa Center.